72h OpenJapan WorkJam

10.6.2011 - 12.6.2011

Cities from different timezones are working in parallel on the global event. At the moment we are looking for real projects on real sites in the affected area in Japan to work on. We are pleased to announce that we have initial proposals for projects for our 72h WorkJam which we could also use as an incubator for sustainable recovery. We start at 9am (0:00 GMT) on June 10th with a six hour work session in Tokyo Japan, out of which will come the basis of our ideas and possible real projects collected beforehand and discussed within the advisory board of OpenJapan. The results from this first brain storming session will be passed over to the next city by order of timezone. After 24h the status of the work will be handed back to one node in Japan. This principle of a relay race will be repeated over 72h.

The cities are grouped into 4 different time-sections each working in 6 hours shifts. Projects will be handed over from one time zone to the next. Tokyo, for example, will hand off to Moscow, which will in turn hand the projects off to Berlin, which hand off to New York. Each handoff will include a short briefing and transmit working materials. For example, Tokyo will talk to the team in Berlin; the Moscow team will talk with New York; this allows communication to be held in a continuous loop between nodes that do not transmit materials directly.

Japan is our starting point and has a special role to play, initiating and filtering projects and ideas. All other cities will address the larger project from the point of view of sustainability (Ecological, Social and Economical Sustainability). Within the de-briefing time slots the participants will be coached and discussing based on their pre-determined specialisation. Between the more intensive 6 hour working shift and the less intensive de-briefing educational and discussion sessions will be organised independently in each city. Since we expect there to be more then one city in each of our 6 hour-shifts each project will be evaluated through all three sustainability topics in a different order.

In contrast to the usual architectural design process, the final result is a collectively owned intellectual property licensed under creative commons principles. The multi-disciplinary teams will ensure a unique user based co-creation. Events that will be hosted after this initial 72-hour sprint will develop and implement the ideas. Any project developed in the OpenJapan context will be published and could possibly be developed in other countries by any non-profit individual or organisation.

Closing the 72h WorkJam and having solutions for the project(s) the process will not be finished: together with our partner Betterplace.org we are planning to set up a crowd funding initiative to collect money for the realisation of the project.

Join us for the most precious working marathon worldwide.