OpenJapan - FAQ

Who can join the events?

OpenJapan is based on the ideas developed by OpenSimSim that everyone can participate in a creative process of discussing and elaborating our urban and architectural environments. Therefore, we would like to welcome everyone who wants to share his ideas, expertise, and knowledge to strengthen the recovery process.

In order to structure the event we would like to ask you to register yourself online. An invitation for registration will follow within the next days.

Which cities are participating so far (tbc)?
  • time-shift 1 - Japan: Tokyo
  • time-shift 2 - Chennai (India), Moscow (Russia)
  • time-shift 3 - Berlin (Germany), Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), Turin (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal)
  • time shift 4 - New York (USA), Kansas (USA)

What do I need to host an event in my city?

You should be able to provide a work space. Sponsors would be a great asset as they can help ensure catering and other infrastructural needs for the participants.

Depending on the number of groups, each city will need a moderator and a graphic recorders. Also the event should be recorded on video and an edited version should be published within 2 weeks of the event. Each group should have at least one cultural ambassador - ideally this is a Japanese person or a person who worked and/or lived for several years in Japan. We think that such a person is essential to support that the results fits to Japanese needs and culture. Each city-node should have a patron who is confirmed with the advisory board.

A stable Internet connection, projector and a skype enabled camera for communicating with the other city nodes are essential. More detailed requirements such as walls for pin-ups etc can be discussed with us via email or skype.

Who is the advisory board?
  • Thomas Auer (Transsolar)
  • Sergio Palleroni (Basic Initiative)
  • Prof. Alfredo Brillembourg (ETH Z├╝rich)
  • Joana Breidenbach (betterplaceLABS)
  • (tbc)

How can I propose a project or idea?

There are several ways how you can send us your ideas and project proposals. Either discuss it with us in public via twitter / facebook or send us an email to For twitter please use the following 2 hashtags: #OpenJapan #Idea. You can also add your idea on our discussion forum on Facebook or post it on our facebook wall:

Where can I register for information or participation?

Locations and registration

How can I support the event if I can not take part in the 72-hour sprint?

You can imagine that such a big event is a logistic challenge. Therefore we need support of all kinds. We are happy about any sponsors who would like to financially support the global event or provide local material sponsoring or catering.

Also you can help us by spreading the word. Of course media and information technology partners are welcome. We will be hosting a whiteboard for specific knowledge and support we need soon.