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An earthquake of magnitude 9.0 shook Japan on March 11. It is one of the strongest earthquakes ever measured worldwide. The earthquake was followed by up to 10 meter high tsunami waves that caused extensive damage. More 25.000 people died, or are still missing, over 160.000 people are looking for shelter, over 45.000 houses, community buildings and infrastructure have to be reconstructed after this multiple disasters compounded by an ongoing nuclear crisis.

Inspired by the wish to help people in Japan we at OpenSimSim decided to start an initiative called “OpenJapan”. We at OpenSimSim believe that monetary assistance helps but has not to be the only solution. By launching the initiative “OpenJapan” we would like to offer the opportunity to give what can be also very valuable: time, knowledge and experience.

The initial approaches was to discuss the issue of possible solutions we received a great feedback from many people from all over the world wanting to help or proposing ideas for projects.

Based on this we started our first initiative:
We are asked people to donate three days of their time in a worldwide collaborative event.

The OpenJapan 72hr worksprint took place from 10 -12th of June 2011. More than 200 people in 8 cities around the world participated in this worksprint

You can find the amazing result of 106 project ideas here OpenJapan Project Page

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