Open source is changing many aspects of our daily life. We use open source projects such as Wikipedia for researching information and gaining knowledge. We use open source software such as OpenOffice to write letters and make presentations. We are shifting from a corporate-owned consumer world to a community-driven system of participation, where people enjoy contributing their knowledge and time to the greater public for free. Could urbanism and architecture also benefit from this idea?

OpenSimSim is a community-driven platform that enhances the architectural design and building process. The design process is given a contemporary spin: an interested community offers their input and feedback on the design. It provides user-generated content for projects, where users help with needs and requests, as well as take part in the implementation and revision, providing valuable knowledge along the way. The goal is to define new objectives, develop strategies to initiate activities, meet people in the architecture field, make the design process more transparent, and create new visions. It is available to anybody in the world who cares about design.